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Monday, 1 November 2010

Happy Birthday; specially to Attila

It's worrying when I still can't find a birthday cake for Attila's Geburtstag. I'm wishing for something that is to be unforgettable on his special day. Less than a week till I come across... Alice Cookies & Bakery. Alice and David are the loving couple whom are passionate towards baking good quality bakery products, ranging from cupcakes till custom made cakes for various occasions. It's really grateful at the moment I receive the reply from Alice that they're willing to accept the challenge by helping me to create my specialized design cake; the 3D sculpture of a big motorbike.
Why a motorbike? It's his 2nd girlfriend of Suzuki gsxr 1000cc with the number plate BHY 46. He's the fan of motoGP, especially the big supporter of Valentino Rossi. It's amazing that they really manage to make the cake 'stands' steadily with the wording to greet him 'Happy Birthday, Dear Attila'. I've to admit that the cake doesn't taste delicious because it has to be hard and compact, in order to stabilize this 3D sculpture. Moreover, a little disappointment as I don't taste the vanilla and chocolate taste in the cupcake and the fondant cake respectively. However, it's really a great satisfaction when I see the surprise and happiness in his eyes; receiving such a special present on his birthday. Well, I've been wicked by hiding all the preparation and telling him that 'there's no celebration at all'...
Happy Birthday to You;
Happy Birthday to You;
Happy Birthday Dear Attila;
Happy Birthday to You.
I've to say that the cake is quite costly due to the special design but everything is worthwhile for his smile and laughter...
If you're looking for something special as well, do drop by their official homepage

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