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Sunday, 28 June 2015

The Paris at the Cest La Vie

Looking for our dinner around the Queensbay and Summerton area, we've chosen the Cest La Vie by random options. The man-made field on the floor, the plenty of sticky notepads on the wall and the French words; this cafĂ© & restaurant is indeed filled with nature and comfort. The whitish chairs and the bright lighting are somehow not creating the romance here.
I've decided to go for the set dinner of Grill Chicken Bagel with Cheese and Fries that comes with a soup, drink and ice-cream. The tomato soup tastes weird and it has been over seasoned with the pepper. Besides, I dislike the whitish granules that has not been blended well into the soup. For the main course, the bagel has been slightly over burnt that the top is indeed blackish and it's too crunchy. Luckily that the chicken meat is very juicy and I've enjoyed the special sauce that is not too creamy and the saltiness is just nice for the meat.

Attila has chosen the Pork Chop in Mushroom Sauce from the a-la cart menu. The pork meat is very tender and the topping sauce is really delicious. The 1st dip of the sauce tastes weird as the Chef has torched the sauce before serving, you can see the blackish dots on the whitish sauce. We both are not fancy over the cold mashed potatoes indeed.

I've taken the hot honey green tea while Attila has tried out a special bottled drink of soda that is called Grapefruit & Chamomile. This is my 1st time to know this brand "Tapping Tapir" and it tastes real refreshing.

I'm a little disappointed that the food is kind of cold while it's served to us yet the taste is totally good and delicious. We'll definitely try out the other menu again.

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