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Monday, 3 August 2015

It Looks Alike a Big Warehouse... the Macallum

Gathering night with the girls, we've decided to try out the Macallum that is located at the Gat Lebuh Macallum. We've almost missed out the entrance that we've to make a big U-turn due to the one-way road because the Macallum looks indeed alike a big warehouse.

This is a self-service cafe and restaurant that you've to place your orders at the counter that is located at the center of this big house. I've tried out the Hot Long Black Coffee here. I dislike their own roasted coffee beans as the coffee tastes too sour. Phui Yee dislikes her cup of Cappuccino neither whereby the foamy milk is not able to cover up the strong sourness of the coffee.

We've decided to take the Smoked Duck Salad with Zesty Dressing as the starter. Every thinly sliced duck meat is very tender and it goes well with the fresh greens that have been topped with the honey lemon sauce. The sweetness of the honey has balanced up the sourness of the lemon whereby the taste is just nice especially for anyone that dislikes sourness yet is looking for a refreshing sauce. It's just slightly too dry that we've asked for more dressing indeed.

We've also decided to share 4 dishes that range from the Aglio e Olio with the Pork Bacon, the Macallum's Coffee Spaghetti, the Classic Grilled Chicken to the Smoked Duck Breast. The Aglio e Olio Spaghetti that has been sauteed with the garlic and the dried chili is delicious except the caper whereby I find that its taste is not suitable for the pasta. The coffee spaghetti is not only smells good but it's also tasty despite the slight bitterness of the caffeine. The creaminess has reduced slightly the strong taste of the coffee that I'm not really aware that this is actually a combination of pasta with the coffee yet I'm amazed completely by this dish. The sauce goes well with the chorizo or the pork sausage but the minced meat is slightly too hard. The chicken breast meat is slightly burnt that it has a crusty outer layer. The meat has been seasoned with sufficient saltiness that it matches either the passion fruit or the avocado spread. Everything is just perfect in this plate except the dry and hard toast. Lastly, we've decided for another duck dish that is topped with the red wine sauce. The whole duck breast meat is succulent and it has a nice smoky smell. It's disappointing that the red wine sauce is over sweetened that it doesn't go well with the meat.

Ending the dinner with a bottle of the Kopparberg Cider with Elderflower & Lime. I love it deeply! It's refreshing and this cider is not too sweet as any other brands that I've known of. Elaine has decided to try out their homemade cold brew. The bottle is opened and the nice aroma of the coffee is released; without the sourness that we dislike at the hot coffee except that it tastes too "empty" at the end of the tongue.

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