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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Blackwood or the "Kayu Hitam"

Leaving from Hatyai through the immigration at Bukit Kayu Hitam, I've suggested the idea about having our break for coffee and lunch at the Blackwood Coffee & Chocolate that is located at Changlun. This restaurant is just in front of the Kompleks Changlun. I'm at first attracted by the outlook of the restaurant, it's just too "outstanding" compared to the outskirt where it's located.

We've shared the Big Breakfast and the Signature Nasi Lemak Ayam Rendang. The breakfast set comes with the fried sausage, scrambled egg, baked beans, sauteed button mushroom, baked tomato, wheat toast and some greens. I like the sausage as it's very succulent and it has sufficient saltiness to be delicious on its own, without any dipping sauce. The scrambled egg is just too buttery and I think the sugar has been added as it tastes indeed sweet. I've indulged completely into my plate of the coconut milk rice with chicken that is cooked in a thick curry gravy. The rice has a nice aroma while the chicken is so juicy and tender that it's ripped off from the bone easily. The thick Rendang sauce is just superb, with sufficient spiciness and deliciousness to stimulate my tastebud.

The coffee is just too thin and it doesn't have a nice aroma of the coffee beans.

I'm very satisfied with my food here. I think this will be my stop-by destination, on my way back from Hatyai in the future.

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