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Saturday, 28 March 2015

MK at the Robinson

It's my 1st trip to Hatyai. I'm very happy that we've decided for something different for Mom's birthday. She has been so eager to shop around in Hatyai, planning to buy at least 3 pairs of shoes.

Brother has been insisted that we've to try out the MK Restaurant that is located inside the Robinson. The main seller here is the steamboat yet they do serve mixture of Chinese and Thai cuisines that include roasted meat, Dim Sum and dessert. I'm attracted completely by the mascots that are a vegetable and a duck respectively. Aren't they cute?

We've ordered the platter of Roasted Duck, Red Pork and Crispy Pork. I'm not impressed by the roasted meat as both the duck and pork are not really good. I dislike especially the pork skin that is too thick that it doesn't taste as crispy as I would like to have. The best dish of the day is the Emperor Baked Rice. It's actually a clay pot of glutinous rice that has been fried with Chinese Sausage,  mushroom and mixed vegetable before being steamed to cook. It's very delicious with the correct texture and seasoning of the rice.

Followed up with some side dishes for sharing and we've taken the Fresh Spring Rolls, Fried Bread with Ground Shrimp Topping, Shrimp Shumai and the Duck's Feet with Ground Shrimp. The spring roll is filled with minced meat and Tofu and I do quite like the soft skin that is made of flour except the sweet and slimy sauce. It tastes weird because the sweetness doesn't match the saltiness of the meat. The fried bread contains a layer of grounded shrimp at the center. It tastes quite good especially being filled with the nice aroma of the white sesame. I like it without the sweet and sour dipping sauce. The Shrimp Shumai is the Steamed Prawn Dumpling that we've normally known of. It tastes okay but not really considered as very good. The duck's feet is wrapped with the grounded shrimp and then being rolled up with the bean curd skin, it's special and the taste is also quite good.

Not forgetting to try out the dessert here. We've tried out the Tub Tim Krob in Ice Flake, the Sesame Ball in Ginger Syrup and another is mixture of Ginkgo, Lotus Seed and Red Beans. Everyone has enjoyed the Tub Tim Krob as it's very cold and refreshing yet I'm a little disappointed with the chestnut that is coated with Sago flour as the coating is too soft and sticky. The best dessert goes to the ginger syrup that is strong and spicy whereby it has enhanced the taste of the sesame balls. I like the black sesame that is very smooth yet the ball itself is too soft and slimy. The last dessert is just over sweetened for us.

Most of the dishes are quite ordinary and not even being considered as good yet I've enjoyed part of meals. No harm to try out a new place especially for my 1st trip to Hatyai.

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