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Saturday, 28 March 2015

On the Wall... at Antipodean

Starting the preparation of our marriage, we've to travel down to Kuala Lumpur for the endorsement and legalisation of our documents. Meeting the translator at the Embassy of Germany that is located at the Menara Tan & Tan, we're completing the 1st part of our registration of marriage by handing the documents over for the endorsement.

We've decided to have our lunch at the Antipodean Coffee-Cafe-Culture that is located just beside the entrance to the Menara Tan & Tan. They're not providing any menu in hard copy here and you're indeed asked to refer to the menu on the wall. Attila has taken the Big Breakfast that consists of a toast, a piece of bacon or a sausage that can be chosen from chicken, beef or pork, sauteed mushroom, scrambled egg and a hash brown. I've ordered the Grilled Chicken with Tomatoes, Green Beans & Balsamic Vinegar. Both of our meals taste good even though the taste is not very outstanding. Attila not really likes the scrambled egg as it's too soft and it tastes alike the readily mixed in pack that is available from supermarket. I do enjoy the chicken meat that goes perfectly with the balsamic vinegar.

I've additionally taken away the Melting Moment. It's a piece of cookies that is sandwiched with a layer of peanut butter. I think that it's too fluffy that the pieces are falling apart while the cream is not so strong in taste. Oppositely, this is the cookies that Attila has enjoyed to the fullest.

We've enjoyed the service and the friendliness of the waiters and waitresses at the Antipodean. The price is very reasonable and this is definitely a restaurant that you can visit again. For a coffee lover, they do serve good coffee here.

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