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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Korean & Japanese at Yakiniku

I've heard from William about the Korean grilled meat at the Yakiniku韓日館備長炭燒肉. Comment wise, the BBQ pork here is indeed quite good. Well, I'm a little confused whether it's either a Korean or a Japanese restaurant.

Being served with a cold towel to clean our hand, Attila is cleaning his head indeed.

Ordering the meat for the grilling on the charcoal, we've picked the Zyo-Mino or Pillar Tripe上牛白肉 and the Buta No Enoki Maki or Pork Wrap with Mushroom金针菇卷(猪肉). The charcoal is served in a round "pot" that is topped with a net. We're first surprised that they don't serve any side dishes, not even a small plate of Kimchi. Then, we're quite disappointed that we've to do the grilling by ourselves. I'm not really fancy with the Pillar Tripe as it's actually quite chewy after being grilled on the fire. By the way, it's somehow tasteless. I've enjoyed the Enoki Mushroom that is wrapped inside the pork but they're apparently using cheap pork bacon whereby the meat is as well tasteless.

To fill our hunger, we've also ordered the Kaisen Bibinba or Kimchi Fried Rice with Seafood泡菜海鮮拌飯 and the Toufu Chige or Spicy Miso Soup with Tofu韓式豆腐火鍋. It's delicious! The fried rice is seasoned to the correct saltiness and I've also enjoyed the crunchiness of the Kimchi. The seafood includes the prawn, scallop and squid are quite huge and fresh. Despite the scallop is from the canned food yet it tastes good. On the other hand, the miso soup is not so spicy that Attila can enjoy it as well. The soup is tasty except I'll prefer if the Chef will put in more Tofu and crunch it into smaller pieces.

We don't really like the food that is served at the Yakiniku. For the lazy people, we prefer indeed if the waiter or waitress will grill the meat for us. Anyway, I've at least enjoyed the warm Sake or Rice Wine that is served here.

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