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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Cozy in the Rocket... Originally, the Amelie Cafe!

We've heard about Amelie Cafe for so many times yet we've never stepped into the restaurant, not even once. Being reminded on the specialty of this small restaurant, I've urged Attila that we should try out their food. It's no longer located at the Armenian, knowing from a colleague that the restaurant has moved to the right corner between the Armenian Street and the Beach Street. If you know about the most famous wall art of "Kids on Bicycle", that is the piece of wall of that restaurant. It's indeed quite difficult to recognise the restaurant from outside, my advice is to look for the greenish plants and the wooden board of "Cozy in the Rocket". This information maybe useful for you, the address is 262 - 264.

Wandering inside the restaurant, I like the unique decorations that are being used here. A lot of nostalgic elements that brought up the childhood memories such as the metal chairs that I've used during my school time. My eyesight is also attracted by some special signboards and pictures that are hanging on the walls.

The menu is listed on the big wooden plaque on the wall and we've to do the self-ordering at the counter. The menu is basically limited to Salad, Pasta and Dessert but they do sometimes serve the "Today's Special" such as the Risotto. One of the very important keyword is the "Homemade" whereby all the noodles are made by the Chef. We've started with a Pork Bacon Salad with Freslive Tomato. A simple dish of greenish vegetable and Rucola that comes with the crispiness of the slightly burnt bacon together with the sweetness and juiciness of the tomatoes that is then being seasoned only with olive oil, pepper and salt; the taste is marvelous! The salt has brought out the freshness and deliciousness of this Salad.

Attila and I have ordered the Homemade Gnocchi with Pork Bacon 'n' Gorgonzola and Homemade Spaghetti Mare è Monti with Prawns, Bacon 'n' Clam. The Gnocchi is very soft and thus it tends to be stickier than the Gnocchi that I've eaten before. Attila has commented that the sauce is made of good grade of blue cheese yet it doesn't take alike Gorgonzola. Both the aroma and the taste of the cheesy sauce is not as strong as the Gorgonzola sauce that I've tasted yet the sauce is matching the Gnocchi perfectly. It's definitely very delicious! Only a small change that I'll ask for, to have more sauce that the Gnocchi is "swimming" and "drowning" inside the sauce. We've fell in love with the Gnocchi especially it's being topped with the crispy bacon, yummy! On the other hand, the homemade Spaghetti is as well soft in texture as the Gnocchi. It's not so springy as the readily made noodle from the Supermarket but it tastes healthy and it's special because the consistency is a little alike the Oriental Noodle. The prawns, clams, pork bacon and dried chili are great combinations to enhance the deliciousness of the homemade noodle. The prawns are fresh and the meat is compact. I indeed prefer to have more dried chili and garlic in order to increase the spiciness and refreshing taste of the Spaghetti. Only a small disappointment that some of the clams are sandy.

I'm satisfied completely with the Salad and Pasta that I can't wait to try out their dessert here. I've chosen the Varlhonar Chocolate Pot with Ginger Whipped Cream. Combining ginger with chocolate, I find that it's a cool idea whereby the spiciness of the ginger has balanced the milkiness of the chocolate. Anyway, the taste may not be favoured by all customers. I myself as well prefer that the chocolate is more liquid.

The small cafe has surprised me so much with the deliciousness of the food. I'll definitely visit the restaurant again, I can't wait to try out the other Pasta, the Risotto and other desserts as well.

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