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Sunday, 4 May 2014

You need a Moustache for the Houze!

Located at Campbell Street, the Moustache Houze is there to serve desserts and drinks to the customers. This small cafe is within the region of heritage trail in Penang and it's a cozy place that you can sit down for a short relaxation after the tiredness of walking around under the hot sunny days in Malaysia.

I'm here on my curiosity to try out another cafe in Penang. The cafes are blooming here, to cater the needs and new cultures of the locals and foreigners that are looking for leisure in slowly pace. Attila and I have ordered the Earl Grey Tea and the Kenya AA Syphon Coffee. The transparent glass for the tea is printed with a moustache that looks very cute, I guess plenty of people has already the idea to capture a picture with the moustache. My cup of coffee is served in a white cup that has a gold line. It looks elegant but both the aroma and the taste is not strong and it's too thin. For me, it's just not thick enough to "kick start" my day!

We've shared the Real Durian Musang Crepe Cake, the Mixed Berries Red Velvet Cake and the Chocolate Cookies Puff. The layers of crepe are filled with sufficient Durian and cream that you're not only seeing the fibres but also able to smell the aroma and taste the deliciousness of this "King of the Fruit". Please eat it quickly while it's still cold or else, it'll be too molten! I normally dislike the dark red colour and the powdery taste of cake but being separated into 3 layers that are stacked with cheese and mixed berries, the saltiness and sourness have made up my favourite Red Velvet Cake so far. Their so-called "Not to be Missed" Cookies Puff is a porous bread that is filled with ice-cream that you can choose from Green Tea, Vanilla or Chocolate. I don't really think that this dessert is special as the taste is considered only as ordinary and I as well dislike the rough puffy skin.

The ambient is quite peaceful and I like the ample space that has made me feeling very free and relax. Despite they don't have the best coffee or cake that I'll think of on my 1st thought, but it's still a cafe that I'll visit for a relaxing afternoon.

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