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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Cook-Kai 曲街 is "Rhythm Street"... in Mandarin!!

Dinner in Koh Lanta, we're heading to the "Fat Monkey" that is located at Klong Dao. We're disappointed as the restaurant is closed for the night. Without any clues in the mind, the driver has volunteered to show us one restaurant that is serving delicious Thai and Western dishes and here we're brought to, the Cook-Kai Restaurant曲街飯店.

We've decided to share the Spring Rolls as appetiser. The spring rolls are filled with minced pork and glass noodle and then being fried to a golden brownish colour of crispiness. The taste is indeed quite weird as there's seasoning in the spring rolls that I'm not fancy at. An appetising soup as starter, we've taken the Tom Yum Goong or the hot and sour prawn soup with lime and lemon grass. It's spicy and I've enjoyed especially the lightness of the soup, it's delicious!

We've ordered additionally the Phad Thai Goong, Moo Phad Katiem Prig Thai and Yam Med Mamaung. Phad Thai is the Thai style fried rice noodle that tastes a little sweet and sour and being garnished with grounded peanut. The thin and flat rice noodle is available only in Thailand and it's actually quite soft. It's a delicious dish that I don't regret that I've ordered it, despite the prawn is not so fresh. Moo Phad Katiem Prig Thai is the stir fried pork with garlic and pepper sauce, very refreshing and tasty! Cashew Nuts Salad with mild dressing of fresh chili and fresh vegetable, this is the Yam Med Mamaung. It's a special salad yet I dislike the strong smell and taste of the parsley that has made the dish to taste a little bitter.

"I want a Pizza", "I want a Pizza"... Attila insists to order a Salami Pizza. This is the worst dish of the night and it's also the ugliest taste of Pizza that I've ever tasted in my life. It's ketchup based and the Pizza is topped with Oregano that has destroyed the cheesy taste of the Pizza. The Salami is tasteless and softy, I can't find a reason to like the Pizza at all.

Cook-Kai is serving quite a delicious Thai meal here but they're definitely not the best in the field that I've ever known. To me, the restaurant is more towards a place for tourists or foreigners but not for the people or food enthusiasts that are looking for delicious Thai food or Pizza.

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