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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Chinese & Thai at the Lemon Grass

Voucher from the, we've decided to try out the Lemon Grass Chinese & Thai Cuisine Restaurant柠檬草中泰美食海鲜餐馆 that is located at 76, Jalan Aziz Ibrahim, Bayan Baru. I've never noticed this small restaurant and frankly speaking that if I do, I may not visit the restaurant. It's somehow not outstanding and it doesn't catch my attention.

We've taken the 7-Course Chinese Meal for 4pax. The 1st dish is the Crab Meat & Fish Maw Fin Soup蟹肉鱼膘翅. It's quite delicious due to the sweet broth despite it's not so rich with ingredients. Anyway, it's better to go without the vinegar as the soup will become too sour. We're then served with the Signature Spare Ribs招牌排骨王 and the Guinness Chicken黑啤酥炸鸡. We've enjoyed the pork ribs for the succulent meat and especially the nice aroma and taste of the special curry powder. Oppositely, the chicken meat is slightly dry and hard. The sauce is more alike sweet and sour instead of having the smell and taste of Guinness Beer.

Finishing the meat dishes, we're then served with the Dry Fried Prawn干煎爆明虾 and the Golden Mantis Prawn黄金爆虾蛄. The prawn tastes good but it's not appealing as the sauce is somehow not strong or not salty enough to enhance the sweetness of the prawn meat. On the other hand, the Chef has prepared a delicious Mantis Prawn dish with the salted egg yolk whereby the freshness of the meat and the saltiness of the egg yolk are balancing each other, it's marvellous!
The course meal includes an Anchovy Fried Rice银鱼仔炒饭. The fried rice with egg tastes ordinary yet it's indeed quite delicious except the anchovy that is too smelly.

The waiter is so blur that the Stir Fried Mix Vegetables杂锦时蔬 is missed out from our menu. We're quite satisfied with the food but it's then disappointed by the unfriendliness of the waiter.

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