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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

The Small Hut, Otto Bar & Grill

Koh Lanta has been a new island that is favored by us for a holiday by the beach. The ocean is indeed quite sandy by the beach yet Koh Lanta does have some beautiful diving sites nearby. We've rented a villa with a private swimming pool at the Klong Nin Beach, it's an amazing holiday!

Hungry for lunch, we've decided to visit the Otto Bar & Grill that is nearby our villa. It's not really too near as we've then jumped onto the bike's riding instead of walking. It's a small wooden hut that is filled with shells, bones and ropes. It sounds fishy, isn't it? Other than the wooden tables and chairs, the owner is using a lot of the natural minerals such as the shells or corals to decorate the restaurant.

Starting the holiday with a Mai Tai that is mixed with Bacardi, Captain Morgan, Orange Curacao, Orange Juice and Pineapple Juice. The colour of the cocktail is very interesting and it's indeed quite strong. I'm not fancy over Mai Tai as it's too sweet. Well, we're in Thailand and it's a must to try out the "My Thai"!

Attila and I have ordered the Fried Cashew Nuts with Chicken and Red Curry with Chicken respectively. The cashew nuts with chicken dish tastes alike sweet and sour sauce. It's slightly too slimy for Attila that he prefers if the sauce is not too thick. I'm shocked that the red curry is indeed yellowish? Anyway, I've enjoyed the spiciness while the curry is only slightly creamy that it tastes very appetising. I've finally understood that the "red" represents the spiciness of the curry and it's not really the colour itself.

We've a relaxing time at the Otto Bar & Grill. A nice drink being accompanied together with a nice meal, this is indeed a win-win situation. The guys and girls have enjoyed their burgers or Western cuisines as well...

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