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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Hai Lúa by the Roadside

The night market at Ho Chi Minh is very merry and busy. One of the most happening sight is the roadside stalls whereby the workers are frying and grilling while the customers are eating and drinking. The business is running smoothly despite with simply the plastic tables and chairs that are covered only with the clothes. The only point that I'm respecting is the professional outlook such as the chefs with their high hats and the waiters with their vests and ties, under such warm tropical night.

We've chosen to dine-in at Hai Lúa and being recommended by the waiter, we've decided to take the Mì Xào or fried noodles with mixed ingredients such as octopus, pork meat, skin, intestine, straw mushroom and various vegetable. It's more alike fried seafood whereby we've hardly find a sufficient portion of noodle for each of us. I dislike this dish because of the very light but weird taste that may due to the intestine. Luckily, the spicy chili has been a great helper to add flavour to increase my appetite.

We've then ordered the Red Snapper Grilled with Salt and Spicy that is spelt in Vietnamese as Cá diêu hồng nướng muối ớt. The fish has a nice aroma of char-grilled and I love the burnt skin for its crispiness, despite it's unhealthy. The juicy and tender fish meat tastes a little salty, spicy and the deliciousness is enhanced by the mixture of salt, pepper seed and lime. The dipping sauce has added a refreshing taste to the fish itself.

This is a nice experience to try out the roadside stall in Ho Chi Minh even though I'm not really amazed by the food here.

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