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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Vietnamese Coffee

I find that Vietnamese Coffee is a specialty for the way that it's prepared. The grounded coffee bean is poured into the metal or ceramic "filter", the hot water that is vaporised will then drip down as coffee to the cup. Whoever that has visited Vietnam, will always bring home this specially made container as a souvenir.

I need coffee to start my day, thus I've suggested to try out the Trung Nguyen Coffee or the so-called "The No.1 Coffee" that is observed with tonnes of franchise in Ho Chi Minh. We've decided to try the Drip Vietnamese Coffee that can be either hot or cold or being served black or with condensed milk. We're reminded to wait for about 3 minutes in order to let the coffee to drip down completely and only then we're allowed to pour the black coffee into the glass. I don't really like Vietnamese Coffee as it's actually quite sweet and I'm especially not fancy with the weird aroma. Comparing to the Weasel Coffee that is claimed as Coffee of The World, the drip Vietnamese Coffee costs only half of the price. This is my 1st time to try the expensive coffee, it's indeed thicker and smoother yet still with a sweet ending that I think it's from the sugar that has been used to fry the coffee beans. Luckily that the Weasel Coffee is still better or tastier than a normal drip coffee due to the bitterness. Patience is very important in enjoying a nice cup of Weasel Coffee. The dripping process is taking a long time due to the fine texture of the grounded beans.

Passion Fruit has been a very refreshing drink due to the sourness. Surprisingly that Vietnamese prefers sweetness? My glass of fruit juice is indeed too sweet.

It's a nice experience for me to know about the Vietnamese Coffee. Anyway, it's a torture for myself without a proper coffee that I can really enjoy.

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