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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Pho, A Must to Try!

Vietnamese noodle is a must-try specialty that is not to be missed, whenever you're visiting Vietnam. Pho is alike our flat rice noodle in Malaysia but it's apparently softer. It's regularly taken as breakfast, lunch or dinner in Vietnam. For its popularity, this dish is available everywhere and even being franchised at Pho24.

We've ordered the Chả Giò or the Fried Spring Rolls as our starter. The spring roll is made of meat and the size is just nice to be fitted into the mouth. It's quite tasty except that I find the skin is slightly too thick that it's chewy.

As May Fong doesn't take beef, thus we've decided to share the Phở Gà or Pho with Chicken Fillet. Pho is  indeed a healthy dish whereby it's served together with a big plate of basil leaves, bean sprouts, lime and chili. The vegetable is then to be poured on top of the bowl of noodle soup that has been garnished with slices of steamed chicken and spring onions. I like the addition of basil, lime and chili that have not only added a nice aroma but the sourness and spiciness have as well enhanced the refreshing taste of the soup that it's very appetising. It's just a little disappointment that the chicken meat is slightly hard and dry.

Triggered by the deliciousness of the Phở Gà at Pho24, I'm eagerly to try out the Pho for once again before departing back to M'sia. My breakfast in Grand Hotel Saigon, I've decided to take the Phở Bò or the Beef Noodle. The soup tastes very refreshing from the natural sweetness of the cow bone with onion. The soup is not oily despite its strong taste and it as well doesn't contain any unease beefy smell. Being completed with the juicy and tender beef slices, I've definitely fell in love with my bowl of soup. The only disappointment is the rice noodle that is not so succulent if comparing to Pho24.

I've finally achieved my mission to try out the Phở Bò in Vietnam. The biggest problem of mine now, shall I fly to Ho Chi Minh again for the dish?

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