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Thursday, 26 December 2013

The Tradition of Baguette at Pat' a Chou

Being influenced by the French colonisation, the Vietnamese has indeed developed themselves as good chefs in baking delicious Baguette. Baguette is seen and sold everywhere in Ho Chi Minh, starting from the roadside stalls to the big bakeries. Looking for the most authentic and traditional bakery and we've decided for Pat' a Chou that is located at Hai Bà Trưng.

It's a normal bakery that is selling bread, pastry, cake and cookies; it's also a cafe that is serving sandwich and coffee. They've a wide selection of sandwiches and cakes that we've to take some minutes to decide, "which?" and we've finally chosen the Sandwich au poulet rôti. It's a Baguette or the long-shaped bun that is filled with shredded chicken, cucumber and lettuce. The Baguette is very crispy at the outer skin yet it's still soft at the inner. Being coupled with the shredded chicken that is salty from the soy sauce, I think that this is is the most special sandwich that I've ever tried. Just feeling a little weird about the combination of the Western Baguette with the Oriental Chicken, it's delicious anyway! Preferably that the filling is more.

Our greediness for sweetness, we've taken the Feuilleté À La Crème. The layers of crispy and fluffy pastry skin being sandwiched with the compact butter cream, this is the most marvellous dessert that I've ever tasted in my life. The chilled butter is smooth and thick in taste, coming with a nice aroma yet it's not filling at all.

We've enjoyed our meal at Pat' a Chou despite the bad coffee in Vietnam. I'm just a little regret that I've not takeaway the dessert back to Penang.

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