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Friday, 14 December 2012

Xuan Feng soup at Xuan Feng Ramen

Ramen is a tradition of Japan that has gained the popularity among Malaysians that I'm seeing more Ramen restaurants being setup each day. A new restaurant that I've found out accidentally is the Xuan Feng Ramen轩风拉面 that is located at the shop houses beside Krystal Point. A well boiled broth, succulent noodle and flavored toppings are important to complete a delicious Japanese Ramen. It's kind of special that they're serving 4 types of soups here that range from Xuan Feng soup轩风汤底, Miso soup味噌汤底, Tonkotsu soup豚骨汤底 to the Broth soup清香汤底. The 1st soup is slowly cooked with pork bone, chicken bone, fish and various types of vegetable that the taste is strong yet it's unique. The 2nd soup is using the traditional Japanese seasoning, the Miso that is made from the fermented soy beans. The taste is slightly more fragrant and it's containing soy's taste. The 3rd soup appears to be white and milky whereby it's stewed from the pork bones with a moderate fire. The last soup is a mixture of chicken bone, pork bone and various vegetable that has been boiled for 8 hours to create the light and delicious taste.

Attila has ordered the Xuan Feng Ramen轩风拉面 whereby the noodle is topped with Japanese Char Siew, flavored egg, onions, bamboo shoots, leek and sesame oil. We find the soup to be sweet and tasty that I like especially the nice aroma of the soup while it's swirling in the mouth. I've asked for myself the Hokkaido Scallop Ramen北海道带子拉面 that is served with the Char Siew, flavored egg, green beans and the Scallop. There's no indication of the soup that is being used for this Ramen but I'm guessing the Broth soup because the soup tastes light and it's matching the seafood or the scallop that is water-boiled.

For side dishes, we've taken the Traditional Smoked Duck传统烟熏鸭 and the Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken台式咸酥鸡. The duck meat is served with a sweet sauce that is garnished with white sesame. The thick sliced of duck meat tastes quite hard that it seems to have lost its juiciness and I find it quite tasteless. On the other hand, I'm definitely the fans for their chicken cube as the outer skin is crispy while it's still hot, tender and juicy at the inner and the saltiness is really appealing. It's sinful as the skin or the chicken fat is needed to enhance the taste of this dish. Anyway, I just can't stop myself and here goes piece by piece...

On a revisit, Attila has tried their Tonkotsu Ramen豚骨拉面 that is topped with the Char Siew, flavored egg, black fungus, bamboo shoots, spring onions and the garlic oil. The soup tastes very thick and I'm indeed dislike the strong porky's taste. Anyway, it matches Attila's appetite.

I don't really find their Ramen to be outstanding as I've a feeling that the noodle is similar to the ordinary instant noodle that I find it to be quite soft instead of succulent. However, I'm amazed by their Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken that I've loved to have them for my snacks.

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