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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Tong Pak Fu, Shop of Hundreds Sugar

Tong Pak Fu糖百府 is the newly bloomed dessert house throughout Malaysia. Learning from Taiwan, originated in Hong Kong and here is the specialist of ice in Penang. They claim themselves as the Pride of Snow Ice冰之骄子 by serving the famous Snow Ice雪花冰. They're emphasizing on using fresh fruit juice to create this healthy and naturally flavoured shaved ice that is not only very light but also smooth in its texture. Other than the traditional Oriental dessert, the originators aim to carve the impression about this Western ice dessert into the people's memory and to make it a popular demand that will be known across centuries.
Triggered by Su and Elaine, Phui Yee and I have to buy off this new dessert house other than to make it as my new article. As far as I've known, the 1st shop is at Jalan Burmah but we've decided to visit their branch that is located at Gurney Plaza. A recommended and not to be missed is their signature ice in Durian flavor that is called Tracka Durian Snow Ice榴莲飘香(竹脚). They're serving D24 Durian Snow Ice as well but it's claimed that Tracka Durian is making a more fluffy and fine ice because the pulps are sifted to remove the fibre that only the juice is being used. The pleasant aroma has stimulated our appetite and the rich Durian's flavor has lingered our tongues to ask for more. Additionally, we've asked for a Horlick Snow Ice好立克秋香. We've wanted for a thicker and stronger Horlick's taste but I guess the amount is to optimize the lightness of the Snow Ice.

To fill up our stomach, we've ordered the Peanut Cream花生糊 and the the Glutinous Rice Balls with Syrup in Black Sesame(芝麻)糖不甩. I like the smooth texture of the creamy peanut's paste but it's not heated to my level of hotness. The Black Balls or Black Pearls that are made from black sesame are quite tasteless because of the thick flour's taste. I think I'll prefer if the inner part is filled with hot sesame or peanut sauce.
Tong Pak Fu will launch a new branch in Queensbay Mall and I bet that they'll be overwhelmed by customers again.

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