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Sunday, 9 December 2012

The Vietnamese by the Vnam`

A trip down to Ipoh, Su has suggested to go for Vietnamese food as it's her wish to try again the delicious Vietnamese noodle that she has tasted in oversea. Thus, Jackson has brought us to Vnam Kitchen越南小厨 that is located at Jalan Seenivasagam. It's a new experience for me to try and getting to know about the Vietnamese food.

To begin with starter, the shop owner has recommended the Vietnam Combinations(濱海)越式拼盤 that consists of the thinly sliced fresh vegetable, rice noodle, fried fish and grilled meats that include pork, chicken and beef. It comes with the rice papers that feels alike plastic and two types of dipping sauces whereby the 1st is the mixture of sweet and chili sauces that is then garnished with grounded peanuts and the 2nd is the sour sauce that is sort of lemon juice. How to start? Firstly, soften the rice paper in the plain water. Secondly, rub a layer of the sweet sauce that has been mixed properly onto the rice paper. Then, put on a little portion of each ingredients from the platter. Please don't be greedy or you'll have a hard time to roll the rice paper! Finally, roll it up and here is the delicious spring roll. Additionally, the platter comes with Vietnam Fried Spring Roll越式香炸春卷. The spring roll is delicious and I like especially the crispy outer skin.

The owner has then urged us to try their Vietnam Rice Paper Roll越式米纸卷. The spring roll is quite similar with our 1st starter except that it's not DIY (Do It Yourself) and it comes without sauce inside the rice paper. The fresh vegetable slices have really completed the spring roll that it tastes not only delicious but also very refreshing.

For the main courses, Attila has decided to take the Vietnam Beef Teriyaki with Fried Egg Rice越式香茅牛肉煎蛋飯 while I'm going for the Vietnam Lemon Grass Triple Taste Noodle Soup越式香茅三味湯粉 that is served with Pork, Chicken and Beef. The meat has absorbed the smell and the taste of the lemongrass completely that they taste very delicious in the mouth. Attila and I like especially the beef as it's juicy and succulent. The chicken tastes good as well except that the oily skin appears to be a little sinful while the pork meat is slightly too dry. My plain noodle soup is a little light in taste but it has a nice aroma from the Thai Basil leaves. I hate the raw bean sprouts into the soup but the owner insists that I should add them in.

The girls have ordered the Vietnam Special Beef Noodle Soup火車頭越式特別牛肉湯粉. I find that the soup has been quite sweet with a full aroma of the beef yet Su still prefers to have thicker meat's taste inside. Anyway, they're totally satisfied with the noodle soup and as well with the tender beef.

Ending the lunch with a cup of Vietnam Coffee越式咖啡, I find the coffee to be too sweet for me. This is not my cup of coffee whereby the thick creamer has covered the bitter coffee's taste that I'm used to. Anyway, it's still a nice experience as the stainless steel dipping container is a specialty from Vietnam.

Vietnamese food is something that I'm missing to have in Penang. This is a great and delicious experience that I'm happy to have.

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