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Sunday, 25 November 2012

China + Muslim = CM + R = CMR

On a treat from our newly promoted boss and as a farewell to our colleague, the dinner is planned at CMR at the D'Piazza Mall. CMR stands for China Muslim Restaurant中国穆斯林餐馆 and this Halal restaurant is using the Muslim Chef that is imported from China. Decorated with paintings in Arabic words and Chinese characters, this ample space is able to cater at least 100 guests.

Dislike of having a fix set menu, we've decided to do À la carte. Starting with their CMR signatory dishes, we've ordered the Special Deep Fried Mutton Chop招牌羊排, the Xi Xia Deep Fried Mutton Sirloin西夏炸羊背 and the Stir Fried Beef with Sweet Potato动感牛肉. Comparing the mutton, the chop is drier while the sirloin is juicier yet slightly more chewy. Both of these mutton are being served with chili powder to reduce the strong smell. I prefer the mutton chop as it's crispier and the awful goat's smell is less. Indeed, I dislike the chili powder as it's not spicy and it's making the meat to taste powdery. The thinly sliced meat tastes a little dry but I like the idea of matching the meat to the sweet potato as the taste is complete that this dish is delicious.

The next to follow is the "ThaiChi" Tomyam Soup"泰中"式酸辣汤 that comes with mixed seafood and the Deep Fried Jenahak Fish with Spices风情烤鱼. I find the dishes to be quite ordinary and they taste indeed quite sweet despite of the red shiny sauce. The same goes to the Stir Fried Petai with Prawn臭豆炒虾 that it tastes as well quite sweet. By the way, I think this should be stir fried prawn as the Petai is too less.

A little towards Chinese cuisine, we've taken the Crispy Yam Ring with Chicken & Vegetable飘香芋环 and the Fried Broccoli with Mushroom西兰花炒香菇. I'm disappointed with the yam ring as the yam is tasteless and it's too compact. The broccoli is neither special to be discussed. Besides, Lai Lee has ordered the Spicy Fried Chicken辣子鸡块. My first impression tells me that the dish is not tasty. The chicken has been cut into too small pieces and there has been too many bones. It's not tasty either that it tastes a little sweet instead of spicy. We've ordered also an appetizer of Deep Fried Seafood Tofu海鲜豆腐 but it's then served as the last dish. Look, the squid is inside the mixture with the Tofu! I find the dish to be tasty and it's really a nice snack that I'm enjoying at.

Personally, there's no clear distinction between the Chinese and Muslim's tastes at CMR. It has come to a level that the food is either not spicy or it's too sweet. I'm happy that the whole team has enjoyed the chatting session and we've come to an agreement that we dislike the food here.

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