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Monday, 26 November 2012

A Gateway to Scallop, the Scallop.Q

It's another Taiwanese invasion that the scallop is landing in Malaysia. Scallop.Q士林干貝燒 has won the Taiwan Golden Product Award by specializing in grilled scallops that come in various flavours. We've found this small store at the lower ground level of Gurney Plaza. Headache, total of 11 flavours to be chosen from! They're Scallop.Q Special严选招牌, Natural Sea Salt人妻海盐, Wasabi Pepper Salt小三芥末, Special Mix随便, Japanese Seaweed日式海苔, Barbecue Bonita酱烧柴鱼, Lemon Pepper Salt柠檬椒盐, Indian Spicy Curry印度咖喱, Sour and Spicy Thai Sauce泰式酸辣, French Garlic法式香蒜 and American Black Pepper美式胡椒. Each stick consists of 4 pieces of scallops.

How're the scallops being prepared? Firstly, the scallops are grilled on the fire and then being wiped with a yellowish liquid that I guess that it's butter. Followed by is to sweep a brownish sauce that I think it's Teriyaki sauce onto the scallops. The last step is to pour the different types of flavoured powders onto the grilled scallops. The powder mix is segregated in numbering such as 1 for Special, 2 is Sea Salt, 3 is Wasabi... The different seasoning is the Thai chili sauce that is indeed in liquid form and it's being brushed onto the scallops.

All of us like the scallops so much that they've stimulated our hunger for more sticks. My favourite scallops are the Scallop.Q Special and the French Garlic. How about you?

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