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Monday, 3 October 2011

Themed Cafe Restaurant, Chaplin

What do you know about Chaplin? In my memory, he's the speechless guy on the old time black and white television screen whom is funny and makes me laugh. By Adolf-Schmetzer-Straße in Regensburg, here is located the CHAPLIN Cafe Restaurant. I'm attracted by the tables and chairs that are placed outside the restaurant whereby the wide area seems so comfortable to sit down for a relaxing drink. Moreover, you can choose to take the beer garden behind the restaurant if you wish for a more quiet surrounding.

Randomly, I've asked for the Großes Baguette mit Salatgarnitur. I've picked the choice of mit Leerdamer, Schinken und Tomaten (aus Wunsch überbacken) whereby the baguette is served with cheese, ham and tomato that I can ask as cold sandwich or freshly hot-baked from oven. I've indeed enjoyed the baguette because I've never expected such deliciousness from the simple ingredients. Every single bites of the cheese, ham or tomato tastes so refreshing.

Even though I like the baguette here, but CHAPLIN is not so special that I've expected. This themed cafe doesn't show much elements or characters about CHAPLIN that I can really appreciate here.

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