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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

On the Fire; Grill Schmankerl of the Schwenkgrill Spezialitäten

Grill Schmankerl or the Schwenkgrill Spezialitäten is where you can buy the Bratwurst or Brötchen that are grilled on the beech wood fire. Charcoal is sometimes being used as well. Schwenkgrill somehow means the tripod-alike structure that is being setup to grill the sausages or bread rolls while using the beech wood is considered as an important part in the grilling process.

Here in Deggendorf Volksfest, I've decided to treat myself to a Bratwurst Semmel. The sausages that have been pre-grilled are then being heated on the fire before serving. I've chosen to have the Handlmaier sweet mustard to go with my Bratwurst. The sausages are tender and the beech wood has left behind the nice aroma in my mouth.

Do take chance to try out the Bratwurst from different towns, restaurants or stalls in Germany. Anyway, the most unforgettable taste is still belonged to the ancient kitchen by Steiner Brücke in Regensburg.

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