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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Are You a Donut Lover? Let's Go to J.CO

I'm not a donut lover. Well, I just don't know what should I fancy about this small, round stuff? Is it the sweet icing sugar on top? Or, the soft bread?

To my surprise is the development of donut nowadays. It's no longer the ordinary one with sugar only, but it can be of various flavours or decorations. My first donut's experience is contributed to J.CO Donuts & Coffee at Queensbay Mall, Penang. My boyfriend is a great fan about donut and thus we've decided to go for the 6 donuts in a box.

Let's introduce the donuts one-by-one, starting with Forest Glam on the top left and followed by Alcapone on the top right. By the names, the first brings the black forest sensation with the combination of the cherry-licious and choco-licious tastes while the Alcapone is the coating of crunchy almonds on top of the white chocolate. The centre row is where the Glazzy and Hazel Dazzle are placed; simply the sweet honey and the chocolate with hazel nuts respectively. The last two are the Jacky Chunk and the strawberry's taste that I can't recall the name, I guess should be sort of Miss Strawberry. With a lot of peanuts on top of the chocolate and some almond chunks with the strawberry paste; these are the donuts at the bottom row in the box.

Personally, I love Alcapone because of the crunchiness of the almonds that is coupled with the white chocolate that tastes not too sweet. I do quite like donut now because it's soft and there's a wide range of tastes that I can choose from. Try it yourselves, maybe you'll like them just like how I do now ;)

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