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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

European Culture at Straits Quay

Oh, it's been a long time that I've been lazing around and without my articles here!

Let's start to talk about the European cuisines at Straits Quay. Straits Quay is a new mall in Penang whereby the word 'Quay' itself meant for where ships may dock to load and unload cargo or passengers. This new hangout destination has been equipped with a lighthouse, a harbor, boutiques and definitely restaurants. One surprise to my boyfriend is the overwhelming of European Restaurants here.

We've decided to have our dinner at Weissbräu or where the beer is brewed. No doubt that we've started our meal with the Erdinger Weissbier and also the Franziskaner Dunkel. I prefer a heavier malt's taste and thus I've chosen the 'dark beer' that we know it by the name Dunkel.

My meat-lover European boyfriend has chosen the Giant Wienerschnitzel. The giant-sized pork is coated with the bread crumbs and then being fried till golden color before it's served in two big pieces as one portion. Additionally, this schnitzel or what is commonly known to us as pork chop comes with two side dishes whereby you can choose from the range of fries, sauerkraut the pickled cabbages, fried vegetables or mashed potatoes. The schnitzel tastes so soft and tender and it has a nice smell from egg that has been used as the coating of the meat. What my boyfriend is really interested in, is this fillet that is made from pork.

I'm not in the mood for meat, so I've decided to go for the Mushroom on Toast. The thick and creamy mushrooms are poured on top of the bread toast. The chef has been using various types of mushroom for this dish and I do enjoy the strong mushroom's taste except the extreme saltiness. I feel full so fast because of the creamy sauce and additionally the thick bread.

This is a satisfying meal and we feel so full after the big portions of the food. Anyway, we've still decided to continue the happiness with extra beer by changing our destination to the Berlin's Bier Houz; German and European Bistro.

The concept here is more towards a drinking place with a lot of high chairs and bar counters for you to sit in and relax. We've decided to go for the Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier and Weissbier Dunkel. Apparently, Weihenstephaner produces a better grade of Weissbier and Dunkel compared to Erdinger and Franziskaner respectively. The beer tastes smoother and with a nicer aroma.

To my Hungarian boyfriend, it's a good news to have somewhere that can bring him the feeling of home-cooked food, the taste of the family. I do enjoy the German food that we can find in Straits Quay, except the Europe's extreme saltiness...

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