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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Asian or Italian's Culture? It's Eighteen Wine & Dine

If to talk about wine and dine, I'll first think about the European food or the Italian pasta and pizza. Anyway, Eighteen Wine and Dine is more towards the Fusion cuisine; where the east meets the west. This restaurant is located at the Krystal Point, Penang whereby it's a halal restaurant or it means pork free.

Eighteen Wine and Dine is a small restaurant that it's just taking up a narrow area of the centre of the shop houses at the Krystal Point Complex. I'll say that this 'unknown' restaurant is not so noticeable, at least to me; but it has in fact been operating since year 2004?!! I've just happened to bump into this small world when I'm searching for food around this area.

By favourite, I've ordered an Aglio Olio with Prawn and Mushroom. Aglio Olio is a simple spaghetti that is cooked with garlic, fresh cut red chili and olive oil. Additionally, prawn and mushroom can be added based on your preference. I do enjoy the simple taste in Aglio Olio; a little spiciness out from the just-to-taste saltiness and the nice aroma that is appealed by frying the garlic in the olive oil. I've a feeling that the spaghetti tastes a little alike the Asian fried noodle, maybe because of the chili itself? Just a small imperfection that the spaghetti is a little bit dry and hard; I guess may need extra seconds of boiling time.

My boyfriend has decided to try the Beef Goulash; kind of a traditional Hungarian cuisine that appears to be alike soup or stew by boiling the beef with some herbs and spices. The Beef Goulash is served with some mashed potatoes and vegetable; looks good from the serving size and color. The beef has been boiled for a long hours till it's soft and the seasoning is also just-to-taste. Anyway, my Hungarian boyfriend thinks that the spices are to be reduced; in order to maintain the natural taste or sweetness from the meat.

It's kind of a weird feeling to dine at Eighteen Wine and Dine because there have always been a thought that the concept of this western food restaurant is a contradiction to the Asian culture; or I should say that it's awkward to find an Asian-typed spaghetti?

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