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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Seafood at Northern Coastal, by the Pantai Bersih

Going to the Northern Coastal for seafood; the restaurant is located at Pantai Bersih in Butterworth. I'm attracted at first by the Chinese name of the restaurant 北海道海鲜. 北海道 means Hokkaido and to me, I just feel alike 'Oh, it's Hokkaido again...'! I feel interesting when everyone is so keen in using Hokkaido as the signboard.

We're there for the sunset; relaxing under the warm sunshine while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the ocean view. Hungry, hungry... Here is our 1st dish, the Steamed Octopus八爪鱼 or what is pronounced as '猪母酸' in Hokkien. Don't ask me why anyway. This dish is served with the chili and sweet sauces for the dipping. The octopus is a little over-cooked whereby it appears to be hard to and very chewy, kind of a hard time for my teeth. Same goes to the jelly fish that tastes very dry. But, what has really disappointed me the most is the sauce! My appetite's problem? I taste the Chlorine or the pipe water in the sauce itself.

Our 2nd dish is the Steamed Lala with Lime Sauce酸柑蒸贝类. Amazing! The spiciness and sourness are so-to-taste that they're burning my tongue. I love the deliciousness that has stimulated my appetite to wait for the next... Su has decided for the prawn to be cooked with the oat麦片虾. The oat is fried with butter, curry leaves and chili padi that have created a nice aroma and taste to the prawn. The prawns seem not so fresh and personally I prefer steaming as this will enhance the natural sweetness of the fresh prawns.

Our next dish is the Steamed Red Snapper in 'Teo Chew' Style潮州蒸红鱼. The fish is fresh and with the sour 'Teo Chew' style cooking method, this dish is very appetizing. Just a simple rule to Steaming; just ensure that the seafood is fresh! The Dark Soy Sauce Pork东坡肉 has really satisfied my appetite for the night. The pork is boiled until the meat is so soft and juicy; filled with the sweetness and aroma of the dark soy sauce. It's served with the Fried Buns or the 'Man Tou'馒头. But, trust me... what you'll really enjoy is the pork!

Just worrying if my boyfriend will not enjoy seafood, I've order the Fried Squid炸苏东 then. Nothing is so special about the squid that will bring me a very high compliment, anyway it's a tasty and crispy snack. A must and not-to-missed at a seafood restaurant is the crab and I've ordered the Grilled Crab烤螃蟹. Look at the colorful red crab, will you ask for more?!! I enjoy the thick and compact crab meat except the dryness that it'll definitely be more satisfying with more juiciness.

I'm noodle lover and here I've decided to go for the Fried Noodle炒面条. Tender and just-to-taste, this is what I do enjoy because I hate particularly over-cooked or soft noodle. Last but not least, a vegetable dish of Fried Emperor Leaves with Sambal参巴炒帝王菜. The leaves are still greenish and without being too spicy, the kids love the vegetable very much. Anyway, as a health concious one, the oil is just too much!
A nice scenery and to spend the time with a whole bunch of colleagues, this is the monthly activity that it has indeed filled my life with joy...

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