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Monday, 10 January 2011

Cambodia Final Part: Nest! It's Cafe, Bar & Restaurant

Nest, this is where we've chosen to have our farewell dinner to Cambodia. I'm wondering at first if it's a seminar hall as it doesn't appear to be alike somewhere that I can have my food; furthermore it's a cafe, bar cum restaurant that has been awarded as the Winner of Best Restaurant in year 2009. I do really like the ambient and decoration in the Nest whereby you can find various types of seat such as the round sofa, the roofed bed or the normal tables and chairs to cater for your drinking or dining pleasure.

Every guests are served with the complimentary starter of bread with the butter. I've to say that the bread is perfect and delicious; the inner is soft and the outer skin is still crunchy because they serve it while hot, after baking from the oven?

They do serve local and western cuisines here. My boyfriend has started his with a Grilled Steak that is served with some salad and a small scoop of fermented vegetable that is mixed of tomato and cucumber. To me, the portion of the steak is quite big but it tastes delicious and appetizing to go with the mixed vegetable. As my boyfriend asks for a medium-rare, so the meat is not too hard except that it's not juicy or it's actually a little bit too dry. I've ordered a Seafood Skew that the stick consists of Salmon, white fish, squid, prawn and capsicum. The seafood turns out to be awful because the white fish and squid are still not fully cooked. It's really a bit disgusting when I bite the raw seafood in my mouth. Anyway, one special side dish that has been served with the skew is the chopped rice salad. The cooked rice, raisins and capsicums are chopped into small pieces and then being mixed with some lime sauce, I guess... giving a really good freshness that combines the sweetness and sourness that is just perfect with the grilled skew.
We're just too full to ask for dessert anymore but we're satisfied with the food here. What we love more is the ambient and service here; just lazing around for a nice meal.

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