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Sunday, 9 January 2011

Cambodia Part IV: Teatime at Cafe De La Paix

Cafe De La Paix is belonged to the Hotel De La Paix whereby this small corner is serving sandwiches and coffee for a relaxing tea break. I do love the white color and simple yet modern concept of this cafe that the ambient is just so peaceful.

Some snacks for a break; we've decided to go for the Tropical Food Salad and a Peach Pie with the hot Jasmine tea and Latte Coffee. This is kind of a boring afternoon and it's just perfect for a bowl of juicy fruit, especially with a various mixture of dragon fruit, watermelon, papaya and pineapple. To me, I prefer my Peach Pie that comes with the crushed almond base. The almond itself smells nice, I guess because it's mixed with some butter. The peach has been dipped with a layer of syrup, but it doesn't taste too sweet. I've indeed enjoyed the moment when I bite the pie and feeling the smooth texture of the peach slices with the crushed almond to melt together in my mouth. Talikng about drinks, Jasmine has always been one of my favourite tea because of the nice aroma that is really refreshing and relaxing. I'm not in the bad mood to criticize about the latte, so I'll rate it as medium. The latte turns out to be too milky or I'll say that the aroma of the coffee bean here is kind of weak or in short, the taste of the coffee is not appealing in the milk.

The afternoon to sit in a small coffee corner that is not crowded, enjoying a hot drink in a leisurely pace; I guess I'm indeed enjoying this moment of my life.

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