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Saturday, 8 January 2011

Cambodia Part II: Indochine Restaurant; A Wise Idea?

We've decided to go for the Indochine Restaurant that is opposite our Somadevi Angkor Hotel because we're too hungry to search for food. Honestly, I'm first attracted by the red banner with the nicely decorated front view of this restaurant. In fact, I like this wooden style restaurant as it seems traditional yet simple. Every single ratten chairs, wooden carvings or the old lamps have created a cozy ambient that is peaceful and it's perfect for us to leisure in.

It's kind of funny but my stubborn boyfriend is still insisting of having a western meal here. I can remember that the name of the dish is quite interesting with some wordings like 'Tak, Lok...' but I just can't recall the name correctly. Anyway, it's a plate of beef cubes that come together with a type of sauce, some fries and an egg on top. The beef tastes sweet and sour, a little alike the HP sauce but what has made it delicious is the tenderness of the meat. The beef is cooked just perfectly that it's still juicy and nice to bite. Don't ask me what are the mixture for the sauce but it tastes salty, sour but yet with a little bitterness at the end of the tongue. Well, the beef is just nice without any additional sauce. One of the disappointment is the soft fries; really that they're not crunchy at all.

I've decided to go for the Cambodia specialty that is called Amok. Amok is type of curry but it's with a thicker coconut gravy that has given a nice aroma to this national cuisine and also it tastes sweeter, but will be just perfect to go with the white rice. Normally, we can choose either chicken or fish for Amok.

The bill comes in a nice wooden box that contains some sweets for us. Paying in USD and this meal costs us USD $20. I've indeed enjoyed the food and also the environment here.

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