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Sunday, 9 January 2011

Cambodia Part III: Italian? The World Lounge Restaurant

On our way to search for our dinner, we've decided to get something at the Pub Street. This is somewhere all the bars and restaurants are located and somewhere that you'll find the tourists are gathering around. There are too many choices here with a lot of banners or advertisements that I'm starting to get regret for not doing some research about the food in Cambodia. Anyway, out of the confusions, we've decided to go for Italian Pizza at the World Lounge Restaurant.

My boyfriend just can't live without the pizza and he has ordered the Pepperoni Pizza. The pizza is very thin and it's definitely very crunchy. Look at the picture! The dough is flatten till it's so thin and then being baked till golden brown color whereby the edge is expanding with air bubbles inside. I've no doubt in enjoying the crunchiness of the pizza with the stickiness of the cheese but it's kind of disappointing with the tasteless pepperoni or I should say that the quality of the pepperoni meat is quite bad. In combining with the extreme sour tomato taste as the base of the pizza, it's making the pizza to taste so not fresh and it's stopping us to finish it all.

My choice is the Baked Tuna and Ricotta Rigatoni; the penne is stuffed with cheese before being baked with some tuna in the oven. The richly taste of the cheese with the tuna and some herbs as the garnishing; are giving enough saltiness and aroma to the penne. However, the amount of the tuna has been too less that the penne becomes so tasteless at the bottom of the bowl.

One good point is the cocktail that costs us only USD $1 per glass. Ya, it's really very cheap but the cocktail tastes so awful. Cost savings; the liquor that is being used is the cheap class whereby I taste only the bad liquor taste in my mouth.

Pub Street is one of the main attraction or activity centre in Cambodia. There's so many restaurants or bars that you can find here. Do some research before you depart; I think it should be safer to try local Cambodian cuisine here.

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