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Sunday, 2 January 2011

鹤屋 'House of Crane'??? It's Tsuruya Japanese Restaurant

I'm wondering which article that I should start for my new year 2011 and here I've decided; to write about Tsuruya Japanese Restaurant. I don't know the meaning of Tsuruya but the Chinese character 鹤屋 means 'House of Crane'; I just feel that it's special.

I've only one word for description when I first step into Tsuruya at E-Gate, 'Small'. The space is kind of limited and compact with the tables, chairs and fences to section up the Tatami area. But, it's no doubt that I'm attracted by the colourful lighting and landscapes that have been designed to live up the surroundings. It's quite a cozy and relaxing ambient to stay in for a meal.

I'm not really an expert for Japanese food and it's lunch time, so I've decided to go for the set meal. The lunch set meal comes with a Chawanmushi that means 'Steamed in a tea bowl' or what is commonly known to us as the steamed egg, a bowl of Miso soup and some fruit. Here we've placed our orders for a Nabe Kaisen Kimuchi Tofu and a Chicken Katsu. I'm really impressed and indeed I've enjoyed my claypot of Nabe Kaisen Kimuchi Tofu soup or in short, it's actually the spicy Kimuchi soup with seafood and Tofu. The soup-based is from the Kimuchi or the fermented Chinese cabbage to give the spiciness and sourness. Then, the chef has put in various ingredients such as mussels, mushrooms and mainly the Tofu that has been mashed to thicken up the soup. Really, to me; I love the taste of the soft Tofu that has mixed completely with the Kimuchi soup whereby each spoon will just melt smoothly in the mouth. The Chicken Katsu or it's simply the chicken fillet that has been coated with breadcrumb before frying. I don't really find it tastes delicious especially when it's oily and not crunchy. Additional side dish that comes with this set meal is the Tofu in Soy Sauce. The Tofu is soft but it's tasteless whereby the taste is purely from the saltiness of the soy sauce. The most disgusting thing about this Tofu is the outer skin that tastes sticky and a little slimy in the sauce; I guess it's fried with Sago flour?!!

We've ordered one side dish that is called Chiki-Chiki Ban Ban. Can you guess the dish from its name? It's the fried boneless chicken with eggs that the eggs have created the spider-web alike layer on top of the chicken meat. Nothing is really special except that the egg has added a nice aroma and also has neutralized the saltiness of the chicken.

I don't really feel fancy about the food in Tsuruya Restaurant but if I've to find a place for a nice claypot of Kimuchi Tofu, this is definitely my choice. One improvement that I've to suggest is, they should add English explanation into to their menu. It's so unease for every customers or especially to myself whom doesn't know Japanese words.

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