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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Selling Egg Tart on a Trishaw

Have I ever mentioned that I'm fancy over egg tart? I've always been asking "where the delicious egg tart is"... It's indeed one of the recommended and famous egg tart in Penang. It's called Ming Xiang Tai Pastry Shop名香泰餅家. The history of the brand starts from the year 1979 and it has then developed into a confectionery nowadays.

The Trishaw's Egg Tart三轮车蛋挞 is the bestseller of the shop. It gets the name as it's being sold on a trishaw in the old time. The egg tart is made of the puffy pastry skin and being filled with a smooth layer of egg custard. The speciality of the egg tart here is the egg filling that contains ginger. Too bad to say that I dislike their egg tart as the strong taste of the ginger has indeed superseded the creaminess of the egg custard. Despite the pastry is puffy yet it's not the puffiest or lightest I've ever tasted and I still think that the skin should be made even thinner. Besides, the pastry is separated from the egg!

This is the egg tart stall that is the nearest to my house. It's also one of the most famous in Malaysia, especially for the customers that are searching for localities. Anyway, this is not and I think it'll never be my favourite choice for egg tart.

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