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Sunday, 9 November 2014

Rehearsal for Dad's Birthday at CRC Restaurant

Most of us have never really tried out the CRC Restaurant中华海鲜餐厅 that is located at Jalan Padang Victoria. Brother and I have decided to do a food-tasting on Dad's 64th Birthday, as well to celebrate his growing age for another year!

I've ordered the Longevity Noodle寿面 in advanced and it's indeed quite disappointing to know that the Chef is using the ordinary Wantan Noodle instead of the traditional white noodle. The noodle is topped with the sliced pork, cuttle fish and Shitake Mushroom that are sauteed in soy sauce. The noodle has the correct texture or "biteness" yet it doesn't have sufficient taste as it's not cooked or boiled in the broth itself.

Our favourites for the dinner, the Shark's Fin Soup with Crab Meat蟹肉烩生翅 and Braised Sea Delicacies Clay Pot Style海味煲. There has been plenty of crab meat inside the shark's fin soup while the broth itself is very flavourful. We're sorry if these are real shark's fin yet the dish is really delicious. I opt for the pot of sea delicacies that consists of sea cucumber, fish bladder, dried scallops, Shitake Mushroom and Dutch Pea. The broth is as tasty as the shark's fin soup and I love every single ingredients inside the pot itself.

We've also taken the recommended dish of Curry Prawns Wrap in Fried Dumpling面包咖喱虾. The bread is alike a treasure box that it's empty at the inside and only the thin layer of dough is fried to a golden brownish of crispiness. The curry is thick yet it's just too sweet for me whereby I prefer if it's slightly more spicy to stimulate the appetite. Next dishes are the Steamed Red Fish with Lime Sauce酸柑蒸红狮鱼, Fried Diced Chicken with Cashew Nuts腰果鸡丁 and the Fried French Beans with Sambal Belacan参巴炒法国豆. I like the sourness of the lime and spiciness of the grounded chili that are topped on the steamed fish, it's very appetising!  The chicken meat tastes quite ordinary, it's definitely not one of the good dish that I've tasted before. I dislike the French Beans as well because the ratios of the dried shrimps, chili and Belacan are completely wrong that the dish is not as tasty as I've expected.

I've a wonderful gathering dinner with my family. They do have some signature dishes that I've really enjoyed with. Anyway, the food is still the more secondary if comparing to the chit-chat session with my parents. I hope that they've enjoyed it as much as I do and of course "Happy Birthday, Papa" or "生日快乐, 爸爸".

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