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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Heaven Gate is just at the King Street

A dinner treat to Attila as his special birthday present, I've decided to try out the Heaven Gate that is located at the King Street. Surprisingly that this restaurant has existed for years and it has been awarded in Tripadvisor, but I've not noticed about it. The pillars, the walls, the tables; everything is painted in white colour as if the pure heaven. I've not captured any images inside the restaurant as I do not wish to provoke the anger of other customers.

Attila has decided to go for the set meal that includes a soup, an aperitif, a main course from the a la carte menu and a dessert by paying an additional charge of RM 35. We've started with the Wild Forest Mushroom Soup. It's very special as the soup comes with a prawn dumpling or the Ravioli. The soup is full of the minced mushroom, I like the "bite-ness" and it's delicious! The dumpling is slightly too strong taste with the taste of the black pepper yet the tenderness goes nicely with the thick mushroom soup. Followed by is the Pan Seared Diver Scallops whereby the scallops are topped with the mango salsa and sided by the salad that has been tossed with soy sauce and honey. The scallops are sauteed with the correct temperature that they're still juicy and succulent while they've been completed with the special topping that is made of mango, coriander and chili. The dish is very appetizing.

For the main courses, we've decided for the House Specialty Duck and the Traditional Slow Oven Braise Lamb Shank. The duck meat is definitely one of the best dish that I've ever tasted in my life! The whole piece of duck breast is firstly cooked to maintain the smoothness of the meat and the skin is then coated with a thin layer of honey to give it a slight sweetness and a very mild crunchiness. The dish is served together with the Orange Chutney, Saute Green, Mashed Potato and the Port Wine Emulsion. The duck meat is not only juicy but also very tender that is then perfected with the cooked orange, it's very appetizing and delicious! I don't know how to describe it more accurately... it's just marvelous! The sauce that is made of the red wine is another compliment to the duck meat. The lamb shank has been slowly cooked for 4hours that the meat will be de-boned just with a soft touch of the fork. The meat is very soft and it's served with the juice from the lamb and a tomato salsa. The smell of the lamb is very minimum that I myself can accept it but not to the extent of finishing the whole shank by myself.

Ending with the dessert, Attila has chosen the Asian Twisted Mango Creme Brulee while I've taken the Lava Chocolate that is served with the Vanilla Ice-Cream and the Banana. The smooth creme brulee contains chopped mango and it's with a thin layer of caramelized sugar. I hate normally dessert that is made of mango but guess what? I'm impressed and I like this Mango Creme Brulee. It's not too sweet and the mango has indeed added marks to this simple cream. It's cracking and the molten chocolate is flowing down the crusty cake, I'm falling in love with this thick chocolate. The ice-cream is very refreshing as it seems to contain mint.

The food is very impressive and we've definitely enjoyed the dinner to the fullest. Furthermore, the waiter and waitress have been very friendly and helpful by providing some recommendations and explanations to us, throughout the dinner. Regrettably to say that I've just known about this restaurant now. Anyway, we'll sure visit the restaurant again. The only disappointment is the design and condition of the toilet, it doesn't match the fine-dining concept.


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