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Monday, 13 October 2014

Birthday Noodle for the Birthday Girl... at Hei Yeong Seng

Jester has always wanted a bowl of Birthday Noodle生日面 for her birthday each year. It has been a tradition for Chinese to eat the birthday noodle to represent the growing age and wisdom and also to bring longevity. We girls have decided to treat her to a surprise lunch at Hei Yeong Seng洋城 that is located at Penang Plaza by Burmah Road.
We've pre-booked the Birthday Noodle in advanced just to avoid disappointment. It's a bowl of yellow noodle that is served inside the prawn-based broth that contains onion for the extra sweetness and it's garnished with the mushroom, sliced pork, sliced egg omelet and prawn meat. I'm a little disappointed as the Chef is not preparing homemade noodle but luckily that the soup is very tasty and refreshing. The Birthday Noodle生日面 is indeed more delicious and appetising by adding in the blended chili or Sambal.

The girls have ordered the Crispy Pig Trotters香脆豬手 and the Roasted Duck挂爐燒鴨. The pork meat is tender while the skin is quite crispy except the part with the slight thick layer of fat. The taste is not appealing as it's lacking of saltiness. I'm more impressed by the dipping sauce that is made of the blended chili and garlic. It's very refreshing and it has definitely enhanced the plain meat. On the other hand, the duck meat is a little smelly. The meat is very softy as if it's not fresh but luckily that the skin is crunchy. I dislike the dark sauce as there's an unknown ingredient that has covered the sweetness of the sauce itself.

Jester needs vegetable whereby they've taken the Sambal French Bean參巴四桂苗 and the Spinach with Superior Stock上湯波菜. The Sambal is very special as it contains dried shrimps. It's not too spicy yet the taste goes well with the French Bean. A very little disappointment maybe due to the over-cooked bean that it's not crunchy anymore. The spinach looks and tastes ordinary, being topped with the anchovies, salted egg and century egg.

A special cake to end the birthday celebration - the "Customised Chocolate Moist Cake of Shit" by SK Homemade Cakes. Despite the funny outlook, the thick layer of dark chocolate is very delicious... Yummy!

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