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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Don't Just Eat, Eat to Taste... at Indies

If you pass by Tanjung Bungah, it's quite easy to notice the Indies that is located just opposite the Drive-Thru Starbucks. The business is currently extended to 24hours whereby they've setup a huge signboard that you can spot the restaurant immediately, if only you're coming from the direction of Batu Ferringhi.

It's Deepavali yet gladly to say that we're still able to get our seats and also the service. Attila has ordered a Garlic Naan while I've taken the Chicken Briyani. The Naan is very soft that I believe it has just been freshly made on the day. It's served with a green mint, curry dal and also a sweet chili sauce. They're all delicious except that Attila dislike the coriander in the mint sauce. I like especially the dal that is not too thick yet it's sufficient in taste. My Briyani Rice contains raisin, cashew nut and being served together with a piece of curry chicken, yogurt onion and also pickles. The rice is tasty except that it's cold, the thick curry sauce goes well with the rice while the meat is tender, the yogurt onion and pickles are appetising; I personally think that the Briyani is real good.

We've also the side dishes such as the Lamb Satay, Chili Chicken, Sambal Sotong and the Mushroom Masala. The mutton is very tender and there's sufficient marination to cover the strong smell of the lamb that this is the 1st time that I'm not only able to give compliment to the mutton but also able to share the mutton with Atiila. I dislike the chicken for the weird taste of the sauce. The Sambal Sotong is one of the best that I've ever eaten. The sauce is very delicious while the squid is very tender, it's fresh and it's not the chewy rubber! The Masala sauce tastes good only whereby I find the sauce is indeed a little powdery. Anyway, it's a delicious dipping sauce as it's thick and strong in taste.

It's great that Indies is serving delicious Indian food. We're both happy for our choices of the dinner. Just a small alert based on my friend's experience, the service maybe slow that you're getting your drink only at the end of the meal despite after few reminders and the waitress is sometimes very unfriendly.

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