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Monday, 21 October 2013

Welcome, if You're the Pirates!

I'm alike a stranger to the Georgetown as I'm so outdated with the restaurants that have newly opened in town. It's a fruitful chat with the bikers' gang whereby I'm being informed about the Authentic Portuguese Food that is located at the Muntri Street. It's a small restaurant or I'll say that it's more towards an inn or a tiny corner that is meant for the pirates to gather around. It's called Pirate's Tavern. I've definitely enjoyed this cosy ambient that has been decorated uniquely with the elements of the sea such as the captain's hat, oars, anchor, gasoline lamp and of course the pirate himself. Despite the small area, I've had fun to play around and capturing the images here. Oh ya, not to forget to read the "The 10 Rules of Pirates' Conduct" that has been framed on the wall! I've laughed about it and I bet that you'll as well...

Starting with the appetiser, we've decided to share Tabua De Chouricos or the Portuguese Sausage in a Plate葡萄牙香肠盘 that consists of 5 different types of sausages. They're served on a wooden chopper board and then being served with the garlic toast and a pot of Portuguese Chili Sauce. I know neither the name nor the meat that each sausage is made of, but I do know that I love the taste of the sausage that is orange in colour. I guess that it's because of the paprika or the chili powder. The sausages are indeed "Europeans' Saltiness" that is slightly too extreme for myself. Anyway, the Chef has been very smart that to match the sausage with their special sweet-based chili sauce. I'm actually scooping and eating the sauce with the sausage. Well, not to waste the big portion of the sauce! Besides, I've also enjoyed their garlic toast that is made from the wholemeal bread. The crispiness of the toasted bread and the thick layer of the chopped garlic, I've definitely indulged into the nice aroma and the deliciousness of the toast.

Spotting my favourite dish, I've ordered the Paella for 1pax. It's actually a Spanish dish that is made of rice with various meat and seafood. Comparing to the Paella that I've ever tasted before, the approach is quite different here whereby the Chef is using only the sausage and prawn instead of the chicken meat and various seafood such as squid and fish. Anyway, it's delicious except that I'm a little disappointed that the prawns are not fresh whereby the meat is actually very softy. I like the yellowish rice that has been coloured evenly with the Saffron and its nice aroma is indeed very appetising. I just think that the baked rice is indeed too wet that I prefer if it's slightly drier.

Additionally, Lucas has ordered the Cordeiro Grelhado Com Molho Limao E Alho or the Grilled Lamb with Garlic and Lemon Sauce. I've not taken the image of the plate but I've given a try on the lamb meat, it's marvellous! The Chef has utilised the garlic and the lemon juice to reduce the intensity of the lamb's smell and on the other hand, adding the refreshing taste to the meat. Just-in-time grilling, the meat is juicy and tender.

I'll definitely re-visit Pirate's Tavern to try out their grilled menu, especially the meat dishes. To small eaters, I'm recommending that to go for sharing. The meal is definitely worthwhile for money, big portion for small price! 

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