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Sunday, 6 October 2013

YEA the Japanese

Celebrating Elaine's birthday, we've decided to visit the buffet concept based of restaurant that is located at Times Square, YEA Japanese BBQ & Shabu-Shabu. It's the 1st restaurant to use Transparent Crystal Barbecue Stone. Emphasising the health consciousness, the blackish burnt or carbon at the base of the barbecue stone after each grilling can be easily washed away with water. Each table consists of an induction cooker for the Shabu-Shabu and a man-made crystal for the Barbecue. Choosing the steamboat soup, you can opt for the Shabu-Shabu昆布柴鱼, Fish Head鱼头, Tom Yam东炎, Korean Kimchi韩式泡菜 or the Chicken Herbal药材鸡.

Getting prepared for the Shabu-Shabu and the BBQ, it's starting time to pick your favourite ingredients from the freezer and the chiller. "What should I put into the Shabu-Shabu? What should I've for BBQ?"; I'm amazed with the choices that I'll be able to eat here, a wide selection that ranges from the meat, seafood to the mushroom and vegetable. Besides, some cold and hot dishes are available as appetisers as well. The seasoned scallop, steamed mussel, fried Enoki mushroom or a bowl of rice, they're meant for you to fill up your hungry stomach while waiting for the food to be cooked. They've done proper labelling in order to ease the customers in identifying the ingredients. Simplifying the cooking procedures, put the ingredient such as the scallop onto the heated crystal. Then, cover it up and rinse the cover with water. This is a fat-free and a complete healthy way of cooking. Finally, add some flavours to your scallop with the black pepper, chili powder, lemon spray or the Kumbu Shoyu. My favourite is the scallop that is topped with glass noodle. The freshness of the scallop and the sweetness of the onion has completely satisfied my taste bud. Besides, I love the cheese-filled fish ball especially at the moment of the hot and melted cheese is exploding inside the mouth.

Another surprise for me is the various dipping sauces such as Sacha, Garlic Ginger, Miso, Shioyaki, Seafood Chili Spicy Sauce, Cumin, Chili Bean and Ginger Chili. The Chopped Garlic, Spring Onion, Chili Padi and Coriander Leaf are available additionally for garnishing. "Which sauce is suitable for the meat? Which is to go with the seafood?", the recommendation is written clearly on the label. Oh ya, there's a wide selection of desserts such as cake and ice-cream to sweeten the teeth after the main course! I'm sad as the cakes are not tasty but Su and Phui Yee do love the ice-cream.

Requesting the waiter to remove the BBQ stone after our dinner, it's using the heat from the charcoal. I like the concept of the trash bin that is directly in front of us.

Our stomachs are so full that we're to the extent of lazy to move away from our seats. I've enjoyed the varieties here but there's a disadvantage that I feel very thirsty after the dinner.

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