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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Still the Best Chinese Cuisine in 2012, at Chin's甄

甄 or Chin's is located inside left of QEII at Weld Quay Penang and they're specialising in Stylish Chinese Cuisine or so-called the traditional cuisine in the modern presentation. The dim lighting is warming the environment, the old-styled furniture is waiting for the customers, the paintings are decorating every single walls or ceilings, the painted plates are published in the glass cabinet; we've been so impressed by this restaurant and it's really thankful to Bernd for his choice to celebrate Phoebe's Birthday here.

We've started with their famous cuisine of Chin's Aromatic Crispy Duck甄招牌香酥鸭 and we've taken quarter portion for sharing. The meat is tore from the drumstick and being served to us as the boneless shredded meat. What is the correct way to taste the duck? Firstly, take out the thin slice of pancake from the steamer. Secondly, sweep on a thin layer of the sweet sauce. Afterwards, put the duck meat and followed by the cucumber and spring onion as garnishing. Do add on the Cili Padi if you prefer it to be a little spicy. Finally, just roll and bite! We've enjoyed the dish so much for its richness of taste that ranges from sweetness of the sauce, saltiness of the meat, freshness of the vegetable to the spiciness of the chili. I'm giving a 'Thumb Ups' to the creation of this dish.
We've then ordered the Yellow Lantern Steam Cod Fish黄灯笼蒸鳕鱼, Seared Beef with Ginger & Scallion姜葱爆牛肉 and Pine Nut Shredded Duck松子鸭. The yellow lantern means yellow pepper or capsicum. I hate capsicum that I've doubt about ordering the cod fish that is steamed with the yellow pepper. However, to my surprise that I don't reject the yellow pepper whereby it has added spiciness that has enhanced the saltiness of the soy sauce and the freshness of the fish. The deliciousness of the beef is even more surprising whereby the meat is from the young cow or calf that it's very tender and juicy. My surprise over their dishes continues with the crispy shredded duck that is garnished with the pine nuts inside the raw vegetable. The duck meat is very salty that it matches well with the fresh vegetable.

The portion of the food here is a bit small that our hunger is urging us for more dishes. We've decided for Hot Wok Wild Mixed Mushrooms干锅野山菌菇 and Grilled Prawn Skewers串烧虾. The mushrooms are fried with the fermented bean curd sauce before being served inside the metal wok on fire. It's a little too salty for me that I prefer to have it with white rice. I like the chopped garlic for the skewer's sauce but I don't like the prawn as it's not so fresh.

Ending with desserts, we've taken the Tiramisu提拉米穌 and the Toffee Fruits拔丝. The Tiramisu is not original that I smell neither the alcohol nor the coffee inside. It's 'crispy' because the chef is putting in the caramelized sugar between the layers of cake. It doesn't taste awful as a cake but it's not appealing as Tiramisu. The fried apple and banana are served hot with the sugary nets whereby the waiter is then quickly dumping the fried fruits into the cold water to harden the sugar. I don't like the hard sugar coating and as well the thick flour.

Paying few hundred of RM for the dinner, yet we agree that it's worth for money to spend on such deliciousness. Besides, we're as well paying for the cleanliness of the restaurant and the friendly service of the waiters.

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