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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The Cantonese Kitchen, Xuan Xin炫昇

Looking for new taste in Queensbay Mall, Attila and I have decided to visit the Xuan Xin炫昇 Cantonese Kitchen that is located at level 2. The restaurant is very spacious with the tidy arrangement of the tables and chairs. The furniture seems to be very elegant and comfortable with the velvety woven fabric.

To start, we've ordered the Roasted Duck Congee金牌烧鸭粥 and Hong Kong Stir-Fried Hor-Fun港式干炒河 with Beef. I hate the ugly smell of the duck and the meat tastes awful. The duck meat seems to be very not fresh with its very soft texture. Well, the plain congee is quite flavourful even though without any seasoning. Attila and my favourite is the Hor-Fun that has a little 'burnt' smell by absorbing the aroma of the soy sauce completely. The beef is tender that it just fits the chewiness in the mouth. We're both satisfied with the Hor-Fun even it's quite oily.

Additionally, we've shared the Sauteed Venison with Satay Sauce沙爹炒鹿肉 and Sauteed Scallop with Celery and Fresh Lily西芹百合炒带子. Venison meat has been an ordinary dish among Malaysian Chinese nowadays. People like the Venison meat for its tenderness and as well it's neither as chewy as beef nor as tasteless as chicken. I've to admit that the Satay sauce with its Asian taste has increased the specialty of this dish. It's kind of an innovative idea to fry meat in Satay sauce. For me, the last dish is not really amazing as the scallop doesn't taste very fresh while the fresh Lily doesn't taste special anyhow.

The dishes are prepared by different chefs such as Master Chuan全師傅 or Master Huang煌師傅. It's kind of disappointment that I don't really find any special taste or deliciousness out from these Masters. The only interesting thing that we've learnt here is the 'Call Buttons' that enable us to ask for waiter or to get our bill without any shouting. Anyway, Attila and I have somehow lost our interest or motivation to revisit this place again.

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