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Sunday, 27 May 2012

The German at CHEERS Restaurant & Bierhaus

I've been wanted to write about CHEERS Restaurant & Bierhaus yet I've forgotten about this article after storing the images inside my laptop for months. If you're on the way to Tanjung Bungah and after passing by the Marina Bay on your right hand side, you'll notice CHEERS Restaurant & Bierhaus on your right whereby you've to make a U-Turn at the traffic light.

My 1st visit with Attila and the friends, I've been so unhappy because the waiter has totally no clue about the difference between Dunkle or Dark Bier and the Dunkle Weissbier. It's written in the menu as Dunkle but I'm served with Dunkle Weissbier and the most pissed off matter is that the waiter has been trying to argue with me that I'm having the Dunkle or Dark Bier. Besides, he's using a mug to pour my Dunkle Weissbier instead of the standard 500ml tall glass. It's totally unacceptable for me that a restaurant is opened without any clear ideas about what they're serving.
Attila and I have ordered the BBQ Sausage and Pork Ribs for sharing. Frying the slices of sausage with onions in the BBQ sauce and added with grounded black pepper, this is just the very ordinary dish that is called BBQ Sausage here. The pork ribs are grilled in the sweet-based sauce and then being served together with the mashed potaoes. One of the specialty that is quite funny for me is the mashed purple potatoes because I find the sweetness of the potato doesn't match the pork meat. The only grateful fact is that the pork meat is juicy and tender.
This is my only visit to CHEERS because my friends and I have been so dissatified with the knowledge of the waiters and as well with the taste of the food here. For me, whoever that is setting up a restaurant must know clearly and to train the people properly on the food and beverage menu. Oh ya, the menu is almost a copy of Berlin's Bier Houz?

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