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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Thai vs Laos vs Vietnam at the Golden Triangle

The Golden Triangle IndoChine Restaurant as its name, the place that has brought the taste of Thai and Laos and Vietnam into the food. The spacious restaurant is decorated with the wooden carving arts, is filled up with the small huts and furniture that are made from the solid wood and is then completed by the soft velvet fabric for the most comfort. They've two outlets at Northern Malaysia, one is at Juru Autocity Butterworth while another is inside Queensbay Penang.

At Juru with our extreme hunger, Attila and I have ordered the Laotian Fresh Mushroom Salad, Seafood Otak-Otak in Fresh Coconut and Cashewnut Chicken. The mushroom salad is a cooked dish of minced chicken meat and fresh mushroom in the spicy and sour chili-based sauce that is then being garnished with onion and capsicum slices. The Otak-Otak is a special dish whereby the mixed seafood of fish, squid and prawn are fried in the blended chili paste and then being added with coconut milk to create the milky taste. The coconut meat is as well mixed to enhance the taste and aroma of the dish before being scooped into the coconut for serving. Our favourite dish is the Cashewnut Chicken as it's very crispy yet the meat is still juicy. The dish tastes a little sweet, it seems that honey is used to coat the chicken with a thin and crispy layer of sugar?!!

Additionally, we've taken the Phat Thai or the fried Thai noodle that consists of the rice noodle with seafood, egg and cabbage. I don't like this noodle as it's very slimy and it does a little weird, maybe because of the chili paste?
Attila feels fascinated with Golden Triangle for its ambient and food. I do enjoy some of the menu here except the MSG (Mono-Sodium Glutamate) or so-called Ajinomoto that is making me feeling very thirsty after every meal.

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