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Monday, 12 March 2012

English Bakery, German Bäckerei

Germans have always been so proud with their bakeries that are producing various breads everyday, ranging from the famous Dark Rye Bread, Sour Dough to the small round buns. Generally, German bread is normally hard and crispy on the outer skin yet very soft at inside. This is one of the unique food that my Boyfriend and German friends have been missing in Penang.

Finally... Bäckerei is the newly opened bakery that is located at lower ground of Queensbay Mall and it's just opposite Lazo Diamond. It's a small corner that is equipped with ovens and with plenty of baskets to display their breads. The breads are baked freshly for selling each day. You can find Sour Dough Bread, Wheat Bread, Muffins and also Pastries that are filled with fillings such as hazelnut, banana, or strawberry here. Attila and I have tried out their breads and we've been so satisfied with the quality. Hard yet soft, just fulfilling Attila's requirement.
Oh ya, the humidity in Malaysia will make the bread to get soft faster! Thus, do consider to eat the bread as soon as you buy it or to re-bake it after keeping the bread for some time.

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