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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Localize Shabu Shabu at Lolipot

Shabu Shabu is named from the 'swish swish' sound of cooking the meat in the pot. How to enjoy this Japanese hotpot? You can boil vegetable, seafood and of course various meat such as beef, pork or lamb into the hot soup that is normally ranges from Clear, Tomyam to Kimchi soup and then to be tasted together with dipping sauce. It's sort of alike the Chinese traditional steamboat except that you've your own pot and you can choose your own favourite soup.

Attila and I have decided to try out the Lolipot Localize Shabu Shabu that is located at Lorong Bayan Indah 3, 2 rows of shop houses behind Berlin's Bier Houz. They're serving 'Eat All You Can' of Shabu Shabu here. A wide selection of ingredients such as crab, mantis prawn, squid, jelly fish, seaweed, mushroom and noodle are published together with the title card on the conveyor belt. You can grab as many as you can but do remember that not to waste the food, else you can be charged additionally. I've chosen to take the Kimchi soup while Attila is going for their special Garlic soup that costs RM5 extra. Both of the soups are not really impressing yet we do quite like the refreshing garlic's taste. Oh ya, the meat is rolled and being served separately! I've forgotten to ask if the meat is as well buffet style.
Localize Shabu Shabu means the cili padi, chili sauce and the fried garlic?!! I'm not so fancy about this hotpot in Lolipot as it's not really tasty and the soup is indeed making me very thirsty.

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