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Sunday, 7 November 2010

Breakfast or Brunch, it's European style!

It's raining on the Sunday morning, but we're still excited to be invited for an European style breakfast by the beach. Suitably to say, it's a brunch as it starts at 11am.

I'm first attracted by the cheese platter as I'm personally quite love the smell and the taste of the blue cheese, even though some people feel that it's awful. A stranger to me is the Obasta that seems to be the mixture of cream cheese, onion and paprika? It's having a very smooth texture with a thick and creamy flavour that goes well with the bread. The bread and bagel are made by Tommes, fulfilling Frank's appetite for an original European taste. They're more compact at the inner but with a crispy skin.

For an European breakfast, meat is a must to be invited on the table. Thus, it's not to be forgotten to have a nice Ham and Salami slices. The sales lady has a bad cutting skill whereby the ham has been sliced till torn but we do still enjoy it so much. The thin slices are just nice to melt in the mouth, with its little saltiness. Personally, I prefer to have the pork Salami with my bread. With some black pepper on the salty Salami, the bread turns out to be so flavourful.

A nice chef to cater for our needs, we're actually given the choice to have hard-boiled or scrambled eggs. What is it? This is the small tool to open-up the egg's shell that I find it to be cute. Just a little complaint that the scrambled egg is too dry.

It's definitely a new experience for me, to have an European breakfast in a 'meaty' way. But frankly to say, this is really a delicious breakfast or brunch for a perfect Sunday. Thanks to the Breakfast ala Frank ;)
Oh ya, if you've any wishlist, please don't hesitate to inform Frankie. Anyway, your requests will be rejected...

(From left: Bernd, Frank, Elaine, Su, myself & Attila)

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