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Sunday, 14 November 2010

Fresh Strawberry Tart... Freshly Homemade

Wondering of the dessert menu that I should have for the house warming party and here I go; SK Homemade Cakes. Why I've chosen SK Homemade Cakes? Well, it's definitely homemade and... I'm impressed by the 'Beauty in Red' images; the fresh strawberry tart that they serve.

The Fresh Strawberry Tart is comes with a layer of buttery flavour of almond base, then being topped with some custard and lastly, the fresh strawberries on top. The tart looks so yummy and in fact, it's really delicious. The butter has added a nice aroma to the crushed almond base and it's just-to-taste of without being too sweet. The custard layer is as an 'adhesion' for the strawberries and with a little sweetness, it's just neutralising the sourness of the strawberries.

I can still recall the moment when my boyfriend is complaining that 'No dessert is allowed for his German style BBQ party'. But, guess what... he gives a good compliment by finishing 2 big slices of the fresh strawberry tart.

If you like to order some delicious homemade cakes, please feel free to drop by their Homepage.

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