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Thursday, 5 August 2010

My Favourite Place for 'Hor Fun', the 'Tua Pan Ong'

If you ask me 'my favourite place for Hor Fun', I'll definitely choose the Restoran Ban Long San that is famous for their '大板王'. 大板王 means the king of 'Hor Fun河粉' or the white flat noodle.

You must be wondering the specialty here that they dare to claim their 河粉 as the king. 大板王 is basically the fried flat noodle that is treasured with rich ingredients like prawn, squid, prawn mantis, mushroom, fish ball and cuttle fish. The white flat noodle is fried with a good distribution of heat whereby the dark and light soy sauces have been absorbed evenly, leaving a nice aroma and taste between my teeth. The portion is a standard size that can be shared among 3 to 4people.

Additionally, we've ordered a Fried 'Tofu豆腐' and 'Dou Miao豆苗' green vegetable. The dishes are just-to-taste except the 豆苗 that is too oily.

Personally, I've enjoyed my delicious 河粉 here. It's just alike a big treasure box from the sea.

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