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Sunday, 8 August 2010

The Great House of Penang, 'Suffolk House'

'Suffolk House' is one the most important colonial heritage site and it's also called the 'Great House of Penang'. The house was owned by Captain Francis Light, the founder of British settlement in Penang and it got its name by being built in the vast estate called Suffolk.

There's a restaurant inside the Suffolk House whereby they do serve lunch, teatime and dinner; in a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. The concept is much closer to the nature whereby the house is surrounded by green trees and plants that are just reached beyond your eyes. You can choose either to sit inside the air-conditioned dining area or at the comfortable opened area for a nice breathe of fresh air.

The lunch menu is a standard set that consists of an appetizer, a main course and a dessert that comes with the choice of coffee or tea. I've chosen the Green Salad that is served with the seared Tuna while my friend has chosen the Soup of the Day - Green Asparagus Soup. I do enjoy the lightly seared Tuna meat that is soft and tender but the soup turns out to be too creamy instead of the fresh asparagus taste.

For the main courses, I've taken the Baked Cajun Salmon Fillet that comes with Buttered rice. The most wonderful taste goes to the juicy and tender Salmon meat that is just lightly salted and peppered except the rice that is not fully cooked and hard at the inner side.
The Roasted Majo Chicken is such an appetizing dish with a piece of orange to be centered between the chicken breast meat. Oppositely; Guess what, it's such a big mistake as the orange has added bitterness to the chicken. I do actually more enjoy the crispy fried cauliflower.

The dessert of the day is Caramel Pudding that is served with Chocolate Chip Ice-Cream. I dislike this tasteless pudding that has only the sweetness of caramel sugar and I've rather enjoyed the cold ice-cream.

Overall, I'm not impressed by the food here but yet; Suffolk House is a traditional element that has been restored and reserved for a nice dining in a leisurely pace...

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