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Sunday, 15 August 2010

Time for Crab; Here We Go... 'Cia Xiang Claypot Crab Rice'

It's been a long time that I've wanted to try out the most famous claypot crab rice and finally, here we go... 'Cia Xiang Seafood Restaurant佳乡海鲜楼' in Bukit Tambun that comes the origin of Claypot Crab Rice. Greatly to say that it must be the original, with the crowd continuously to occupy the restaurant.

Our main character of the night is definitely our Claypot Crab Rice蟹王香饭 that comes with two big Crabs. It seems superb looking at the crabs that have been cooked till red shining color. Some simple steps of the preparation of this crab rice: Firstly, the rice is fried with chopped onions, dried shrimps and barbecued pork with the soy sauces to enhance the aroma; then it's being cooked in the claypot with the big crabs on top. Here goes the serving then, with some green onions as the garnishing. The dried shrimp and barbecued pork is adding flavour to the plain rice; is enhanced with the natural sweetness from the fresh crab itself. However, it's a little disappointment that our pot of rice is not as delicious and as aromatic as our friend's pot; problem seems to be the less onions and dried shrimps in our pot.

Our next dish is followed by the Cai Pu Steamed Fish菜脯蒸鱼. I do enjoy the fresh fish as the meat is very tender and juicy while the most unique is the layer of flat noodle underneath the fish. However, the flavour of the Cai Pu is not maximized whereby the fish is actually covered more with soy taste. Talking about prawn, have you ever tasted the Fried Prawn with Grape葡萄炸虾? The prawn does attract my eyesight but somehow, it's merely just a fried prawn that is added with some grape sauce. Then, our next enjoyment goes to the Lime Juice Steamed Kepah酸柑汁蒸拉拉 that is indeed very appetizing with the sourness, spiciness and freshness from the chopped garlic and chili.

Additionally, we've ordered a Fried Green Beans清炒四季豆 that I prefer if the chef can get it out from the wok a minute earlier, to maintain the crunchiness of the beans.

I've enjoyed the dinner together with a big group of colleagues. If you're a crab lover, do try out the Claypot Crab Rice here; a natural taste without too much artificial flavouring.

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